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Business As Usual For Her Royal Highness Catherine Ajike

Business As Usual For Her Royal Highness Catherine Ajike

Princess Catherine Ajike of Abia State is a talented multi-faceted force of nature, You can buy Catherine Ajike’s beautiful poetry book Appropriate from Amazon.

The Astonishing African Duchess Catherine Ajike is a bright entrepreneur. She is both a politician and a princess of the Abia state in Nigeria. Her work ethics and determination have helped her build a breathtaking dynasty. An inspiring businessperson, she has soared great heights since a tender age, never taking no for an answer, and never giving up on her dreams. She has been relentless in her pursuits and humble in her triumphs. She has pursued her dreams since the age of 18, climbing the steep hills of success and setting for herself goals which would be unthinkable to adults twice her age. She has an audacious spirit and zest. She identitifies with strong Christian beliefs, and wishes to make the world a better place. She runs Paradise — her royal charity. She is now launching Financial Journal, a magazine that deals in legal matters, business, finance and media. We asked her a few questions and this is what she said:

1) I have always been very good at Maths. Hence my interest in exploring economy, politics and global developments with the Financial Journal magazine. It concentrates on finance, legal concepts, business and media, simply because the legal sector is from my educational background, but my topic of focus is financial law and the Constitution.

The media side of it focuses a lot more on entertainment and films especially. Being an actress, entertainment is a very wide topic, like travel and fashion, and continually evolves according to the contemporary trends.

2) As an entrepreneur, I still have areas of my business that I want to firmly venture into, but as an academic I aim to do so with a level of maturity and intelligence.

On a working level, business can be hard work and competitive, but in my opinion that is a challenge and I enjoy that because I seem to have the ability to chase an outcome, and the accomplishments involved make sure that the successful elements necessary for progress, financial stability and the growth required in a business are obtained.

3) The kind of businesses I am involved in have major streams of investment opportunities and what the current market needs, including lasting financial cashflow and strong bonds. Catherine Ajike Hotels and Real Estates is my worldwide hotels. Moreover, I am currently trying to get my Wales, London, USA, Saudi Arabia and Nigeria hotels ready and completed by 2016 with real estates. So there is a chance for investors to invest and be prepared for the wonderful financial outcome of their investment. I would agree that there is not a high risk in references for investing in my businesses; instead, what can be expected is a change towards stable income, after investment.

With that being said, I am well aware that Financial Journal magazine is going to be an interesting project because, with all due respect, it is an international magazine, which I am hoping will take its niche by storm, with the benefit of making sure that it delivers its aims in advance because of the type of journal it is.

4) The magazine is going to be on a ground scale; it is new and uniquely strong on important updates because it will give information on the constitution and the economy, focusing on the sparkling highlights from the entertainment industry. It is an accessible global public magazine with purchasing information, but those interested in finance, business and law, or have an interest in global affairs will find it relevant and very enjoyable to read.

5) The magazine will explore the international markets, predominately focusing on areas of growth within the markets, influenced by continents and countries, their products, brands, firms and businesses, with current information, changes and future financial forecasts.

6) Financial Journal is an intelligence-focussed magazine. It’s a very sophisticated documentation of information about global economic journalism and I aim for the magazine to be successful and circulate globally because that is the intended purpose of the magazine.

7) I enjoy reading magazines but Financial Journal is different from other magazines out there because of the genre and topics it presents to its readers. I have some wonderful teams who work hard on the magazine and their contribution is a bonus to the wealth of information contained in Financial Journal.

With regards to her current poetry book Appropriate, which is purchasable on Amazon and all major book retailers, Princess Catherine Ajike has a strong artistic strain and passion for the arts in general. She shares her God-given gift with the world; like a beautiful dark silhouette stooped in silent contemplation, or a figure out of some eccentric, loud and colourful magic-realism novel, she sleeps under the stars and gazes forlornly, when she is not stealing slivers off the forbidden fruit from the celestial gardens to share with us mortals.

She has a charity which is dedicated to the general improvement of human condition across the world. Her mission in life is to bring happiness to those around her and leave behind a significant legacy. Kate fell in love with literature from an early age and continues to grapple with what perplexes us to craft a novelty that never wears off.

You can buy Catherine Ajike’s beautiful poetry book Appropriate from Amazon.

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