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Elaine Holistic – The Ultimate Website for Inspiration and Spiritual Solutions for Regular Living Celebrates its 5th Anniversary

Elaine Holistic – The Ultimate Website for Inspiration and Spiritual Solutions for Regular Living Celebrates its 5th Anniversary

USA – 20 March, 2015 – is a website that concerns practical spirituality, owned and managed by Reiki Master Elaine Desing. The website is currently celebrating its 5th anniversary online.’s sole purpose is providing “Spiritual Solutions and Inspiration for Everyday Living”. The website features more than three hundred messages and articles promoting healthy living by way of improving one’s spiritual and emotional well-being. The article topics serve as great sources for important methods and tips that can help people do away with their regular life issues by paying attention to the deep-rooted spiritual causes.

Elaine, the owner of the website presents some helpful titles such as “How to Stop Overthinking” and “Ways to Overcome Fear” on the website. These articles from Elaine are aimed towards helping people deal with problems like anxiety, depression and stress by the introduction and the use of holistic healing options that include Reiki, crystal healing remedies, and meditation. There are other useful articles available on that focus on improving the self worth of an individual and strengthening one’s self image. Some articles on are intended towards getting hold of and improving an individual’s sense of purpose in today’s world covering topics like earth changes, numerology and coming into close contact with heavenly spirit guides.

Prior to using Elaine’s website for spiritual healing, it is important for you to have a clear picture of Elaine and her work field. Elaine is not only a Reiki master but she also serves in the form of an author, speaker, musician, and ordained minister. Elaine offers services like crystal card readings, distance reiki and private coaching. At present, she is planning the follow up to Echoes- her very first meditation CD. In the form of an ordained minister she has made a promise of serving people throughout the world by sharing useful messages of unity, empowerment and love.

Elaine can easily be contacted at comes as a help for some of the most challenging daily life issues that people are facing these days. Such issues include feelings of being overwhelmed and insecure, sleep disturbances, feelings of failure, not having ample time for life’s pleasures, strange pains and aches felt in the muscles and the joints, feeling drained, physical issues worsening, getting sick very easily, anxiety attacks and sadness. The website contains materials that will help you deal with your physical and mental issues in everyday life by the release of resentment, anger and fear.

Elaine Holistic brings you face to face with the tools that you can effectively use for energy healing such as reiki, getting hold of like-minded individuals for encouragement and support and practicing meditation. The services rendered by Elaine are quite affordable and she is also available in person for services in the Western New York area. You can look for assistance from Elaine for your memorial services, baby blessings, and weddings. The services are not only affordable but they are also offered with utmost care and respect. Take back your personal power and reclaim your life’s joy by turning towards the holistic treatments available today.

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