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Commonly Unknown History of New Bugatti 100P Featured in Brass Ring Magazine

Commonly Unknown History of New Bugatti 100P Featured in Brass Ring Magazine

California, USA – Whether an individual finds themselves traveling around the corner or around the globe, there are numerous options to choose from to accommodate their budget and needs. Traveling by plane continues to be the most efficient option for travelers as it is estimated that over 8 million people fly in a day according to the IATA. It is hard to believe where we would find ourselves if the Wright brothers never came along. The same could be said about Ettore Bugatti who was well known for his cars. What many do not know is that he actually produced an airplane, the Bugatti 100P Airplane.

Ettore Bugatti was driven into the aviation industry through war and profit. He wanted to build an aircraft that could be mass produced as well as defensive and lightweight. Construction of the aircraft commenced during World War II by Louis De Monge. What makes the Bugatti plane unlike any other aircraft of the time was the “Bugatti Touch.” In order to ensure the aircraft could perform as intended while being lightweight, it was constructed of out balsa wood and placed the engines in the back which created an aero-dynamic design. Stepping away from a traditional V-shaped tail, the Bugatti airplane had a y-shaped tail. This allowed for agile turning and handling which was ideal for war.

Ettore Bugatti manufactured numerous race cars and that was translated in his aircraft engine. At the time, French war planes used 7-cylinder engines which could produce 300 horse power whereas the Bugatti 100P Airplane used 8-cylinder engines which could produce more than 450 horse power. The counter-rotation of the 2 propellers located at the nose of the aircraft producing even much more power. The aircraft was truly a force to be reckoned with.

With that being said, it leaves many pondering what happened to the revolutionary aircraft? Ettore Bugatti lost his son in 1939 and he later passed in 1947 and as a result of those unfortunate events, there was no successor to continue the Bugatti legacy. For those interested in the full story on the Bugatti 100P Airplane in regard to its currents whereabouts and if it ever took flight, they are strongly encouraged to read the article by Collin Stanley on Brass Ring Magazine online.

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