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Electronic liquor may become a tool to end alcoholism

Electronic liquor may become a tool to end alcoholism

PALO ALTO, CA – 4 Apr, 2017 – It’s a whole new concept. A self-made American Scientist have managed to create a glass of electronic liquor.


This innovation could simply revolutionize the way we drink. The ArKay E-drink is the name of the product, is a small molecule placed inside the drink. In contact with the tongue, the drink sends stimuli to the brain, the illusion operates, and the mucous membranes of smell and taste saturate and make the consumer believe that he is drinking alcohol.

Beer, wine, strong alcohol, everything is possible:

But beware, no drunkenness, no adverse effect, this is the advantage of the ArKay E-Drink ( ).  It reproduces the taste of the liquor but not the negative effects of alcohol.


Beyond the enormous progress in public health, the concept is also of interest to the moderate consumer. John Taylor participated at the e-drink tour in March without alcohol, so he is particularly interested in ArKay E-Drink to reduce his alcohol consumption. This week, he went to the only bar that distributes the Arkay E-drink in Texas called “The Alcohol Free Liquor Store”. There an electronic liquor bottle costs $50. Richard Simmons, the head of the establishment, said: “We distribute the bottles in the US, we really believe in the potential of this new product and we really think it will change the habits of consumers.” 


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